Greek Mythology — Играть бесплатно в демо режиме

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Greek Mythology Trivia Quiz — Free Knowledge Game

Разработчик: Milica Vuksanovic (93)
Цена: Бесплатно
Отзывы: Написать отзыв
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Greek Mythology fans, get ready for the best mind game ever! If you are looking for the complete and useful game quiz on Greek Mythology, search no more. Here you have the most interesting questions and facts on this popular topic! Check how much you know and learn some data that you didn’t know! It can be a big challenge for all those who like playing useful game quizzes of high quality! Download “Greek Mythology Trivia Quiz — Free Knowledge Game” and the fun may begin! Hurry up and don’t miss a single moment of entertainment!

Available in 2 different game plays:

*** Endless – the player will answer questions until they give 3 wrong answers. If you’re good enough, you can go on playing this mode for hours even!
*** Time Mode – the game is time-limited. Each correct answer will give additional time to the player to keep them in the game, and each wrong answer will deduce some amount of time. So, careful with your answers!

No matter which game play you choose, you will have multiple choice questions – the classic multiple choice-based trivia with several answers given where one gives you the correct answer and enables you to move on further through the game.

Let’s see how much you know about Greek mythology! Test yourselves and your knowledge! This is a unique opportunity to check your level of knowledge of mythical creatures, gods and Titans! All that in one place! This awesome app is now at your disposal for free! Learning is nothing but fun with free games for education! Now you can learn about Greece and see how familiar you are with its mythology, and all that while taking a knowledge quiz on your iPhone! Download this free educational trivia game for kids and adults and have fun answering a variety of trivia quiz questions related to this popular topic!


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  • Цена: Бесплатно
  • Дата Последней версии : 17 июля 2020
  • Версия Андроид: 4.2
  • Разработчик: Quizzoulicious: Test Your Smart
  • Размер последней версии: 5Mb
  • Категория: Trivia
  • Журнал версий: только одна версия найдена
  • Последняя версия: 1.0
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Greek Mythology Quiz Games Снимки экрана

Greek Mythology Quiz Games Описание

Features for Greek Mythology Quiz Games :

Greek mythology stories
educational games
Greek trivia challenge
guessing quizzes
Greek myth games
word picture quiz games
Greek myths
Greek gods quiz

Quiz it up! Learn new things everyday with Greek Mythology Quiz Games ! Look at pics to get the right answer and guess away. Become a word game pro with Greek gods and goddesses games. You probably know the story of Prometheus, but do you know who Gaia was? What were the twelve labours of Hercules? Find out something new about your favorite Greek mythology story. If you’re looking for fun games to pass the time, you’ve come to the right place. This is one of the most addictive games that you will never delete. Start playing Greek mythology trivia today. Choose the best games to entertain you.

✔ Select time mode or endless game mode
✔ Get extra points for being fast
✔ 5 levels of difficulty
✔ 5 possible choices
✔ Use coins to get hints
✔ Buy time for coins
✔ Three wrong answers = game over

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Open Greek Mythology Quiz Games , press play and guess away. Multiple game modes, hints and gk questions 2020 make this game super fun. Use the most exciting time mode and try to beat the clock, or simply play the endless mode to relax and unwind! You’ll be amazed with cool graphics, intuitive interface and stylish game design this easy to use app has to offer. Also, no WiFi no problem – you can play offline. Be the first on the leaderboard and share your score with everybody. When in doubt, you can use quiz help to solve difficult quiz questions, such as 50:50 hint or switching questions. This quiz game Android™ is totally free of charge! Can you guess all the pop quiz questions and answers?

Explore myths and flaunt your knowledge with Greek Mythology Quiz Games ! Guess the right answer and play and learn about cyclops and centaurs. This photo quiz guess pictures will blow your mind. It’s the best addictive game you’ll come across. Browse through a bunch of fun tests and quizzes, answer is it true or false questions and start the quiz panic. Try to guess the names of all deities and creatures. Test your knowledge of heroes of myth today. It’s one of the most exciting quiz games to play with friends! Challenge your friends and see who knows most about myth and monsters! Install great time killer games that need no wifi and enjoy.

Dive into the world of myth and magic! Browse through the most interesting quiz questions and answers and enjoy fun trivia games for the family. Who defeated Minotaur? Why were furies dangerous? How many years did the homecoming of Odysseus last and did his wife Penelope wait for him? How fearless were Daedalus and Icarus? Hear the music of the nymphs and find out where they dwell. You’ll get the chance to explore at least one story of gods you’ve never heard before. This endless quiz will amaze you. Download our smart quiz app and try one of the most entertaining games that help you learn now. Meet giants and Trojan war heroes as you solve this fun quiz and become a mythology expert!

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Greek Mythology Trivia / Викторины игры на Андроид

Проверьте свои знания мелочи греческой мифологии с нашей бесплатной игры викторины!

Требуется версия андроид: 4.0.3 или более поздняя

Установок: 10 000–50 000

Для возраста: 3+ лет

Добро пожаловать в игру греческой мифологии Викторина!

Проверьте свои знания греческой Mythologyand узнать вещи с нашей простой в использовании весело греческий викторины Мифология!

Есть 2 различных режимов, в которых вы можете играть, быстрый режим и режим выживания.

Быстрый режим — 30 вопросов 15 секунд на вопрос, сколько вы можете получить права?

Режим выживания — 10 раундов 10 вопросов, 3 жизни и в 2 линии жизни за один раунд. Как далеко вы можете сделать это через режим выживания.

У вас есть 15 секунд на каждый вопрос в игре викторины греческой мифологии, если таймер истекает вы потеряете один из ваших 3 жизни.

У нас есть собственный личный и глобальных лидеров, чтобы отслеживать свои результаты греческой мифологии, как лично, так и по сравнению с другими людьми по всему миру.

Вы даже можете поделиться свои результаты на Facebook, чтобы показать или бросить вызов друзьям!

Игра совершенно новый, так что если у вас возникнут какие-либо проблемы бы то ни было, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, прежде чем выходить любая отрицательная отзывы, либо в приложении на радон цифровой странице, или по электронной почте [email protected]

pobj. Мы ценим поддержку наших пользователей и всегда стараемся сгладить любые проблемы сразу. Мы рекомендуем Вам прислать нам свои идеи и обратная связь всегда приветствуется.

◆ Быстрый режим и режим Вызова
◆ Глобальный Leaderboard
◆ Тысячи вопросов & ответов
◆ Доля баллов в Facebook
◆ 50/50 или дополнительное время леера
◆ Чистый и понятный пользовательский интерфейс
◆ Вопросы по греческой мифологии, мифологических существ, греческих богов и Godesses.
◆ Новая греческая Мифология вопросы и ответы обновляется ежемесячно
◆ 100% бесплатно играть !!

Наша греческая мифология викторины объявление поддерживается, у нас есть затраты сервера, затраты на разработку и техническое обслуживание для покрытия, чтобы сохранить эти игры бесплатно.
Метки: Знание, Мелочь, Мифология, Викторина

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